Cambodian Assistance and Cultural Preservation Project Inc.

   The Cambodian Assistance and Cultural Preservation Project is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that conducts projects in the Kingdom of Cambodia following the traditional Buddhist and Cambodian cultural practices, and aims to support and preserve what is left of these traditions after years of war, genocide and poverty.
    We believe that while all NGO and charitable work being done in Cambodia is incredibly important, it is also important the way in which this work is done. That is why we conduct all our projects according to and within Cambodian Buddhist cultural and religious traditions, which have been the foundation of the social fabric of Cambodia for more than a millennia. We feel, that to introduce and encourage western religious and cultural belief systems, would contribute to the further breakdown of a culture that was almost destroyed by years of civil war, the American bombing during the Vietnam War, and the ensuing Khmer Rouge genocide.