Cambodian Assistance and Cultural Preservation Project Inc.

Our projects fall into three main areas.

     1)Donations of rice, clothing and medicine (over the counter analgesics, cold and digestive ailment medications, as well as toothbrushes, mosquito nets and  blankets). We have Buddhist monks from the local temple perform the appropriate rituals to accompany the distribution of these items to poor families in the village. In keeping with cultural traditions we feed the monks and make donations to the local temple.
    2)Subsidizing education for children from poor families. Things as simple as providing funds for tuition, books, a uniform and a bicycle allow a child to attend school who would otherwise not be able to. Donations to schools to help with specific projects or programs.
    3)We try to help relieve the suffering of the elderly who have no families and no source of income and are left to fend for themselves, through meals programs and shelter arangements.